This One Thing Will Work For Your Mental Peace

Write these magical things in your diary

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There are so many tensions out there in our surrounding these days . Specially after corona there are many negative news we listen everyday. But it is not just about pandemic but also about the environment which surrounds us, tension about job , conflicts with family or friends ,getting depressed by thinking about our bad times and what we don’t have etc.

After putting ourselves in a state of grievance for sometime we hold our head with our hands and think about how to emerge from this state and to restart with joy. We want to share our things with someone, we try to find someone who can make us understand and make us happy .

So for all those kind of people today ,I can write with my experience that this one thing will work for you. Take a notebook or diary and a pen because these two things will be your best friends from today and onwards.

Start writing at least three things you are thankful for in your life.As it is a thing which will not take too much time so you can do it whenever you are free but I would prefer doing it at a time when you will not just write it but also when you will pay attention to what you are writing in your diary.I do it before going to bed.

When you will start writing about good things which you have, you will get to know that there are million of things you are privileged with and the bad things are almost negligible in front of them . Within few days you will find yourself saying that “yes” I am the luckiest person and these small sufferings are nothing but just a part of my journey.

Now the question is what we can write in our diary?

I write about my small things like, I am grateful for my:


my stationary

my work

my family

my friends etc.

You can also start with something like this . I emphasise all to do this because it will surely work for you and will become an important and happiest task for the day.

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